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Become a Circle Leader

A Circle Leader is someone who lives at or below the poverty level and is looking for a bridge out.  Circles® Cowley County can be that bridge, if you're willing to commit your time (at least an 18-month commitment)  and your efforts (attending weekly meetings, creating a workable plan and working with Allies, middle- to high-income volunteers) to help you reach your goal.

Steps to Becoming a Circle Leader

Step 1 - Decide to Apply
Before you fill out an application, ask yourself if you ready to make an 18-month commitment.  Are you willing to share your goals and dreams with others?  Are you willing to learn how to budget, save, and invest your money?  If the answer is yes, then fill out the application below and send it to Circles® Cowley County.

Step 2 - Complete Circles® Leadership Training
After an interview and filling out some additional paperwork, you will be required to attend 12 weeks of Circle® Leadership Training. Here you'll learn how to budget your money, set realistic and attainable goals, and meet with like-minded peers who are working just like you to cross that bridge out of poverty.  We meet Monday nights at Grace United Methodist Church in Winfield from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Step 3 - Work with Circle Allies
Once this training is complete, you'll be introduced to our Circle Allies, middle- to high-income volunteers, who will work with you as you cross that bridge out of poverty. 


Circle Leader Application


Send application to:

Circles® Cowley County
P. O. Box 448
Winfield, KS   67156